G-Dragon: Crayon

Hey guys! Here’s another video on not only Korean music, but Korean Fashion as well.

The soloist of the this song goes by the stage name of G-Dragon, fondly called GD. GD released this song just last year with his second solo mini-album after not doing any solo work for three years. While he wasn’t doing solo work he was still the Leader of the popular group BIG BANG.

“Crayon” is a catchy song with a nasty beat. The lyrics of “Get your crayon” is absolutely infectious, especially when it’s accompanied by the “why so serious” that drops every now and then. The video is accompanied by crazy sets, crazy dances, and even crazier outfits to accompany GD getting his “crayon.”

In the video you’ll see GD dressed as a mad scientist with very stylish accents to his outfit. This scientist likes to wear Thom Browne sunglasses and Keith Haring Bow Ties. Next let’s take a look at GD while he’s in his room; wearing a Wonder Woman robe (found anywhere just by googling,) Tropical Bird print pants by Altuzarra, and various superhero earrings.

The Orange Sweatsuit wearing rapper is wearing a NEMES (japanese brand) hat, and a pendant that was made specifically as a collaboration between brand Ambush and G-Dragon. But there’s also the Rainbow Overload outfit with a white jacket with rainbow accents as extended epaulettes by Alex Mattson and sequined rainbow pattern pants by Ashish.

But probably the most accessible item in the whole video would be the red Old Skool Vans Sneakers that are worn in the beginning segment. Those were designed by the artist Mina Kwon.

G-Dragon is a prominent style figure as well as musician in South Korea, he keeps his look changing to ensure freshness and develops his music to remain on the top of the scene.

Mina Kwon Alex Mattson Altuzarra Ashish Ambush Thom Browne



  1. Considering I only knew about 10 percent of the words in this song… & by that I mean the words in English, I really liked it & it is now stuck in my head! Thanks for sharing! All the best with your fashion endeavors!!

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